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Resource TypeTitleDescriptionAuthorSessions/FormatLocation
Reference BookKingdom of the CultsA look at the various false religions that exist. This looks at their origin, who they consider to be God, who man is, and other key attributes. It also offers key Christian refutes Reference Material, not a study. 
BookMere Christianity See linkC. S. Lewis See link
BookThe New Evidence that Demands a Verdict See linkJosh McDowell See link
BookMore Than a Carpenter See linkJosh McDowell & Sean McDowell See link
Book/StudyThe Case for Christ See linkLee Strobel See link
Book/StudyThe Reason for God See linkTimothy Keller See link
SG StudyThe New SpiritualityThe dangers of the New Age MovementDavid Jeremiah Sample study guide in office. Seven sessions. Will order upon request.Small Groups Office