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Missions & Evangelism


Resource TypeTitleDescriptionAuthorSessions/FormatLocation
SG StudyLet the Nations Be Glad A Biblical look at missions and our command as followers to always be engaged in missions.John PiperLots of resources available. 12 Week Study Guide is available also and a teaching series on audio/DVD.Free .pdf is available on www.desiringgod.org
Book/StudyEvangelism and the Sovereignty of God If God is Soverign and in control of all things, does it matter what we do? Does it matter if we intentionally go on missions? Won't God's will be done anyway? Answers that are common in the mind of believers. Packer answers these and others like it head on in this strong biblically based book.J.I. Packer  
Practical BookHow to Give Away Your Faith A practical guide to help believers connect with the lost all around us.Paul Little  
BookMinistering Cross-Culturally See linkSherwood G. Lingenfelter & Marvin K. Mayers  
Practical BookSpeaking of Jesus See linkJ. Mack Stiles  
Book/StudyTell the Truth See linkWill Metzger  
Book/StudyThe Missionary Call See linkM. David Sills