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Resource TypeTitleDescriptionAuthorSessions/FormatLocation
SG StudySecret Church - SufferingAn indepth look at suffering as a theme THROUGHOUT Scripture and looks at atleast 1 passage in every book of the Bible.David PlattFree .pdf study guide, 4 - 1 hour video sessionsFree .pdf is available on www.desiringgod.org
SG StudySuffering and the Sovereignty of God“So my prayer for this book is that God would stand forth and reassert his Creator-rights in our lives, and show us his crucified and risen Son who has all authority in heaven and on earth, and waken in us the strongest faith in the supremacy of Christ, and the deepest comforts in suffering, and the sweetest fellowship with Jesus that we have ever known”John Piper12 Week Study Guide is available also and a teaching series on audio/DVD.Free .pdf is available on www.desiringgod.org
Book/StudyThe Misery of Job and the Mercy of GodA study of suffering by studying the book of Job.John Piper Free .pdf is available on www.desiringgod.org
BookHow Long, O Lord?See linkD. A. Carson  
BookDon’t Waste Your Cancer Study of suffering and a journal by John Piper as he personally walked through cancer.John PiperStudy Guide is available also and a teaching series on audio.Free .pdf is available on www.desiringgod.org
BookIf God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and EvilIn such difficult times, suffering and evil beg questions about God--Why would an all-good and all-powerful God create a world full of evil and suffering? And then, how can there be a God if suffering and evil exist? Randy Alcorn  
BookA Grief ObservedWritten after his wife's tragic death as a way of surviving the "mad midnight moment," A Grief Observed is C.S. Lewis's honest reflection on the fundamental issues of life, death, and faith in the midst of loss.C. S. Lewis  
BookThe Problem of Pain Why must humanity suffer? In this elegant and thoughtful work, C. S. Lewis questions the pain and suffering that occur everyday and how this contrasts with the notion of a God that is both omnipotent and good. An answer to this critical theological problem is found within these pages.C. S. Lewis  
BookSuffering and the Goodness of GodSee linkChristopher Morgan and Robert Peterson, eds.  
BookFilling Up the Afflictions of ChristThe Cost of Bringing the Gospel to the Nations in the Lives of William Tyndale, Adoniram Judson, and John PatonJohn Piper FREE pdf of both the book and study guide are available.
BookWhy, O God? Suffering and Disability in the Bible and the ChurchSee linkLarry Waters and Roy Zuck, eds