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Purpose of Small Group Leader Facilitation Guides
There are many areas of life, including church life, that the Bible does not explain specifically every detail of how to go about doing things. Essentially, in many areas God is giving us the liberty to do many things how we feel His Spirit leading us. We must ensure that our methods are in line with Biblical teachings.When it comes to how to tactically lead a Small Group, there are many different methods that can be employed because the Bible does not outline every specific detail to be applied to every single situation. However, it does provide some principals, mission, and purpose that all Small Groups must be aligned to.
That in mind, these guides below provide some practical methods and tactics for various areas of leading Small Groups. These are not rules to follow or step-by-step processes that must be adhered to. These are methods that are in line with Biblical teachings and are here to give you ideas as a small group leader to aide in planning the details of your group. These are intended to be thought-provoking guides, not replacements for prayerful, spirit led activities.
A Danger to Avoid
When it comes to leading Small Groups, we have two options. One, we can come up with our own well-intended strategy and hope for God's blessing. Or, we can dedicate our lives to God's method and be guaranteed His blessing. We will definitely opt for the second option! We want to avoid "well-intended" methods that are not necessarily "bad", but may not be in line with God's method & strategy.
Small Group Leader Facilitation Guides