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Thanks for your interest in small groups at Westwood. Our small groups ministry includes both our Home Groups and On-Campus Groups. We encourage you to participate in one or the other. They both have the same purpose in the life of the believer.

Below, you will find links to our lists of both Home Groups and On-Campus Groups, along with some of the advantages and challenges of each. Obviously, the advantages and challenges will vary from group to group. We welcome anyone to contact the leaders to ask questions about the group at any time. Also, feel free to visit various groups (even multiple times) to find the group that meets you where you are. If you would like some help selecting a group, please contact Rick Swing and either he or another church leader would love to assist you in finding a group.

Home Groups  (Off-Campus Groups)
Typically, these groups meet at someone's house or rotate houses between members within the group. These are going to be smaller in attendance than On-Campus Groups.

Some advantages of Home Groups include:

  • No time restrictions and can go as long/short as necessary and adjust meeting days for specific occasions
  • Flexibility with meeting times and days
  • Freedom to develop deeper relationships due to smaller numbers and more time to share
  • Less formal setting for a more relaxed atmosphere
  • freedom to serve on Sunday morning

    Some challenges with Off-Campus Groups include:

  • Childcare can be challenging due to interruptions & sitter availability
  • Danger of focusing on socializing and not on Bible study & spiritual growth
  • Danger of frequent cancelling due to smaller number and schedule conflicts

    Below is the link to the current list of Home Groups. Please contact the leader or the staff in you are interested in visiting or visit the Information Desk on Sunday morning! 

    Browse the list of Home Groups.


    On-Campus Groups
    We offer a number of On-campus groups that can fit any age range or life stage. These meet during both services (9:30 & 11:00). These will typically be larger in attendance than Off-Campus Groups.

    Some advantages of On-Campus Groups include:

  • Quicker way to get connected to a group and learn about the church.
  • Larger number of people allowing you to get to know more people  quickly within the church
  • Childcare available due to Children/Youth activities during same times.
  • Less schedule impact as it can be attended either before or after the adjoining Worship Service

    Some challenges with On-Campus Groups include:

  • Can be more challenging or take longer to develop deeper relationships due to larger number of attendees
  • More formal setting as many may approach with a "Sunday School" mentality
  • Non-flexible schedule that cannot expand for extended discussions or move for special occasions
  • Hinders ability to serve at the Church during class & service time

    Below is the link to the current list of On-Campus Groups. Please contact the leader or the staff in you are interested in visiting or visit the Information Desk on Sunday morning! 

    On-Campus Group Brochure



  • Need Help?
    If you need to speak with someone, please contact Wendy Sipes by calling the church at 205.664.0122.