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New Small Group Leader Process

We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me. Colossians 1:28-29

Thanks for your interest in being a leader at Westwood. We know it is an exciting, yet challenging step if you have not led groups before. Shepherding God's people is an awesome responsibility, therefore the church has a process for placing leaders and as part of the process, leaders covenant with the church to certain spiritual maturity and lifestyle choices that are above those expected of members. Additionally, the church has a process to invest in you as a leader, to grow your Biblical knowledge and grow you as a disciple maker. We will also walk through this process with you as you begin to lead your group and will continue walking with you as you lead. You will also be assigned a mentor/coach to walk with you along the way.

The leader enlistment process includes an information form and meeting in which we'll get to know you better and make sure we all have the same goals from the beginning. The first step is to contact Rick Swing to schedule a meeting with him or another leader in the church.

Below is a form that is a simple, practical guide to help you think through how you will go about starting the group.

New Group Creation Checklist

Here are some other items to become familiar with prior to the meeting with Rick or the church leader.

 Beliefs for Group Leaders

Job Descriptions for  On-Campus Group Leader or Home Group Leader

Leader Covenant

If you have prayerfully considered leading a group and are confident this is God's will for your life at this time, you can go ahead and complete the Leader's form below or wait until the meeting with church leadership.

Leader Information Form

One essential element in leading a small group is that your own spiritual growth and maturity must continue to thrive. To intentionally grow you in your Biblical knowledge and understanding, we have an initial study cirriculum that will be assigned to you once you start and your assigned coach/mentor will work with you as you walk through this material.

New Small Group Leader Cirriculum

One option with this cirriculum is to teach it to your new group as you walk thru it. For example, you watch/listen to the Secret Church material then YOU reteach it to your group. Be sure to emphasize particular areas or passages that spoke to you and expand where you feel led. Do not have your group watch the videos with you. These are a great starting lessons to establish a strong Biblical foundation for all the members of the group.


Contact Rick Swing , Executive Pastor